Gender Related Social Groups

Families are patrilocal (virilocal, for married women) and patrilineal. Although children become members of whatever family provides them with their personal name, these namers are typically the baby's father or other patrilineal kin. A patrilineage (or "name set"; see Lindstrom, 1990, p. 35) typically shares the same kava-drinking ground with several others, but each possesses its own set of male and female personal names. Male names give title to individual garden plots, house sites, beaches, reefs, and other resources and holdings of their patrilineal estate. Thus men who share names from the same patrilineage typically live, work, and drink kava together. They reside near their fathers and brothers throughout life, while women move to husbands' villages when they marry.

Most island groups are gender segregated. Children form same-sex playgroups and boys, when older, organize all-male football (soccer) teams and village "string bands" (ensembles of guitars, ukuleles, and gut-bucket basses). During important exchange ceremonies, men and women separate into same-sex dance teams.

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