Gender Related Social Groups

The combination of the genders is represented by the otoc, home, or nahil, house. This is where one's family lives, one's c'iibal, one's "people." On a somewhat larger scale is the kahtal, which refers either to the extended family's houseplot, containing several homes, or a small community. The term literally means, "becoming life." These large multifamily houseplots tend to be focused on the male lineage, but there is variation from this pattern.

Another important relationship is with one's compadres, or coparents, who attain this title by agreeing to be responsible for a child and participate in appropriate ceremonies. One's compadre, or cofather, or comadre, comother, are extremely close relations who are relied upon for all kinds of assistance.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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