Gender Related Social Groups

Rather than being male oriented or female oriented, Lahu social structures are oriented towards married couples, who serve as building blocks for kinship relations and interhousehold networks (Du, 2002). Because of the common practice of village endogamy, the vast majority of couples live near both the husband's family and the wife's family. Lahu kinship terminology calculates kin relations from the perspective of a married couple (dyadic ego), which parallels the reference point of an individual ego. The dyadic orientation of Lahu kinship terminology provides a married couple with circles of kin relations accompanied by different rights, duties, and obligations, structurally connecting them with other husband-wife dyads as well as with single individuals. The bilateral kinship networks between household-head couples regulate the forms and intensity of interhousehold reciprocity in both economic and ritual activities, especially in labor cooperation, assistance during food shortage, and ritual obligations. There are no records of the existence of nonkin associations for males or females in traditional Lahu society.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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