Gender Related Social Groups

An enormous amount has been written on the nature of Tswana kinship and marriage (Comaroff & Roberts, 1981; Krige, 1981; Kuper, 1975; Schapera, 1938, 1966/1971) and the role of gender dynamics in the formation of households and kin networks (Griffiths, 1997). While kinship, ownership of property, and rank used to be figured patrilineally (Tlou, 1985; Tlou & Campbell, 1984), matrilateral relationships and social networks were also important (Griffiths, 1997). For married couples, residence near the home of the husband's family was common historically, though today, largely as a result of migration throughout southern Africa, many couples live in villages other than either of their own natal villages.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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