Gender Related Social Groups

Groups of same-sex women or men of similar age (niƱo, mozo, casado, etc.) are important in social life all over Spain. These associations unite people of different households, different families in leisure and sometimes as well in specific tasks outside their households. Postmarital residence in most of Spain is neolocal, though kinsmen of one or both spouses may live nearby, but households are generally small and their members' social lives are vastly extended by same-sex groups in their own localities or beyond. The domestic group is crucially important but highly private; groups of mozos, mozas, or married men or women lead active social lives together in public non-domestic space. Extrafamilial same-sex social groups exist for both sexes, but the spaces with which they are associated and their activities can differ. In traditional social life, men and women pursue leisure separately in same-sex groups, both outside and in the home, with which women are particularly associated. Public festivals and traditional rituals also can see groups of like sex organized in parallel activities. However, particularly in urban areas and among the middle classes today, families are ever more emerging to pursue leisure (including travel) as units.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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