Gender Related Social Groups

Patrilineal inheritance and patrilocal residence were the foundation of patriarchy society. This social structure made women dependent on men. A married woman's subordination to her husband was reinforced through his kinship, which imposed various economic and social restrictions on her.

In the United States, a young man was away from his parents and free from the control of his kin. Instead of seeking advice from the elders of his family, the man consulted his wife on business and family matters. In a family-operated small business, the wife was the husband's indispensable partner. If the man worked as a laborer, his wife would most likely bring money home from her job in a garment shop. Their daughters and sons had equal rights as heirs according to the laws in the United States. The daughters went to school and gained independence economically; they stayed close to home after marriage. The aged immigrant couple helped care for grandchildren—children of their sons and daughters. The daughters assumed the same responsibility as the sons in taking care of their old parents.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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