Gender Related Social Groups

There are no gender-related social groups of significant duration among the Timpaus Banggai. Various task groups (gotong royong) are organized for mutual or specific purposes. Some task groups have a cross-gendered composition while others are single gendered. Task groups are recruited to assist in the preparation of major rituals, such as marriages, funerals, first haircut, thanksgiving feasts, and some offerings. Participants are always recruited bilaterally from kinsmen and friends. Usually women will prepare food and men will haul, cut wood, and bring water for the cooking.

A variety of task groups of different sizes are recruited for various agricultural purposes such as preparing new land for swiddens, sowing and planting, harvesting, and production of copra. These groups are generally of mixed gender. However, harvesting coconuts is an exclusively male task. Some of these groups may have an extended duration. For instance, four men decided to work twice a week on each other's lands on a rotation basis. The group stayed intact for several months.

Male task groups are also recruited to assist in the building of a new house, to dig a well, etc. When task groups are recruited to assist an individual or a specific household, the group members are usually served an elaborate meal in compensation.

Crews recruited for fishing and other marine expeditions of varying duration are paid in shares of the catch. In the case of shark fishing, a successful crew is paid in cash. When the catch is poor, there is no payment.

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