Gender Related Social Groups

As explained in the "Cultural Overview," Kazakh society has both patrilocal residence and patrilineal descent. Upon birth, individuals automatically become members of their father's tribal lineage, tribe, and horde. Upon marriage, a woman moves to a residence controlled by another tribal lineage and contributes labor to this new tribal lineage, though she remains a member of her father's lineage. The patrilineal tribes and lineages are loosely associated with territorial divisions and still have importance in contemporary Kazakh culture. A person in a position of power, for example, has some moral responsibility to help other members of the same tribe or tribal lineage. Therefore it is easier to live in a region where one's lineage is a dominant group (Werner, 1998a). Tribal affiliation is also important when it comes to marriage. Kazakhs are not supposed to marry a relative on the father's side who is less than seven generations removed. In practice, Kazakhs marry outside their immediate tribal lineage to ensure that they do not marry a close patrilineal relative (Werner, in press b).

There are no important nonkin associations for males or females in Kazakh society.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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