Gender Related Social Groups

For much of Chinese history, the social landscape was gendered. The villages were organized around families that were often organized into lineages that extended into clans. In every way this was a patriarchal-based society. Women exerted indirect influence only within the family. There was, and continues to be, a pronounced sexual division of labor.

Unlike their rural married counterparts who usually live their entire lives in the same village with or near the husband's parents, urbanites tend to live scattered through various neighborhoods. The neolocal (new) and not patrilocal (father's) residence norm is the most common. Because housing units are packed so closely together, living space cannot always be expanded to embrace a new nuclear unit. When there is a shortage of available housing, any apartment is better than no apartment. This pragmatic concern contributed to the Chinese rejecting the traditional patrilocal resident rule in favor of the more flexible neolocal norm.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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