Gender Related Social Groups

Patrilineal descent and patrilocal residence demand that a woman move to join her husband's family and that her labor and children will contribute to their overall wealth and prestige. Yet the proverb, "a woman does not perish in marriage" (Herzog & Blooah, 1936, p. 179) recognizes that she will maintain membership in her natal group and continue to fulfill responsibilities toward her own patrikin. In addition to the age-based associations mentioned above, men and women join a variety of other sex-specific groups including dance and masquerade societies, church groups, burial insurance societies, rotating credit associations, and sports clubs. Glebo who are living away from Cape Palmas in other Liberian towns or cities (or abroad) form development associations to raise funds for infrastructure projects "back home." These groups sponsor fund-raising events such as beauty contests, dance performances, and "rallies" to benefit their home communities. Although dedicated to a common cause, these urban-based associations usually have the parallel gendered structure of the rural town, with separate men's and women's officers and decision-making groups.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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