Gender Related Social Groups

Gender-related social groups are common. For example, patrilineal descent groups tend to be localized, with fathers and sons, brothers and uncles concentrated in particular areas. Individuals belong to the clan of their father; at marriage women go to live with their husband and his kin but do not become members of their husbands' clans, remaining strangers in the home though they will be buried there. Though rare today, in the past adult men and old women (those "like a man") attended frequent communal beer drinks.

Work activities separate females and males during much of the day. Women spend most of their day with young children, older daughters, and other women.

Men spend much time with other men, working or relaxing and socializing. Some cooperative work groups and self-help groups are single sex, especially women's groups for revolving credit, income generating, and other purposes. Such groups help some women with their family responsibilities of providing food and clothing for their children and are also an important source of moral support. Church-based groups are likely to be mixed. Funerals (and there are many in this time of AIDS) bring together men and women of all ages.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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