How Development Changes the Household

The traditional modernization paradigm often overlooks domestic production and reproduction in its projects. The role of the household is regarded in a familiar traditional way—households are the targets of family planning projects, for example—but the persistent role of the household and its members in production may be missed. Households in subsistence economies remain production units, making items with use-value—immediate household value—rather than value created through exchange. Women (and men) perform both domestic services and produce goods that contribute to the reproduction of the household itself as children are born, raised, and mature to begin their own families. Even subsistence agriculture may be regarded as a form of domestic production as crops are eaten rather than sold. When this balance is upset, for instance when men shift land formerly used in home production into commercial farming and increase or monopolize cash income, women may be forced from their larger subsistence roles to functioning entirely inside the home, performing housekeeping, food processing, and childcare. Ideology that links women entirely with the household, as does the modernization paradigm, further concentrates them there.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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