Husband Wife Relationship

Husbands and wives in villages often married because of earlier government policies that required it. The couples who married several decades ago seem to have settled into a living pattern that publicly resembles the relationship between brothers and sisters. They may be platoni-cally affectionate, but may have separate sleeping areas and will not publicly display romantic or sexual interest. They generally consult on some household decisions and not on others. Women and men work in single-sex groups, and help each other as needed.

Among younger couples, some are marrying because they live out of the area, hold government jobs, their households need members, or they wish to begin a branch household. For those living out of the area, often the husband has much better employment. If a household needs members, the member marrying in often has a status equal to other household members because the new member is needed. In the case of marrying to begin a new branch household, the husband or wife whose family has financed the venture generally has higher status in household decision-making.

Na enter into some relations with no expectations for duration, while others include intense feelings and hopes for continuity. In all relations, however, the man is expected to treat the woman well while with her, and Na have no understanding of or tolerance for physical abuse between lovers. In addition, whether engaged in shorter and more secretive sese or in longer and more public relations, Na believe they are individually in control of their sexuality and free to take other lovers. This strong sense of sexual freedom may be weakening somewhat as relationships become more stable.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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