Husband Wife Relationship

A loving and harmonious marital relationship is an ideal that girls hope for (Finkler, 1994, p. 60). If this ideal relationship does not occur, but instead the wife is abused, her focus of affection will most likely shift from husband to children (Finkler, 1994, p. 60; LeVine, 1993, p. 136). Younger women are more willing to fight for an egalitarian marital relationship than older women, who are more often resigned to the situation (LeVine, 1993, p. 196).

The amount of time a couple spends together can vary tremendously. Often husband and wife eat breakfast and supper together and sleep in the same bed. During the day, the husband is at work. However, many men migrate to either the big metropolitan areas or to the United States, and thus this schema only applies temporarily. Divorce became legal in 1917. Apart from mutual consent, divorce is permissible for a number of reasons, such as adultery or sterility (Chant, 1997, p. 126). However, a significant number of women remain in seemingly unbearable relationships (Chant, 1997, p. 126; LeVine, 1993, p. 95). Catholic ideology and the social and economic difficulties of lone motherhood explain this in part. Children of divorced parents are almost always raised by the mother.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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