Husband Wife Relationship

Husbands and wives generally have respectful, warm, and loving relationships, and they relate to each other as companions. Spouses rarely show affection or touch each other in public. Husbands and wives usually eat their morning and evening meals together, but often eat their lunch apart from each other owing to their busy work schedules. They sleep together, with their infant children in the same one-room house, unless they live in a larger "modern house" and sleep with all their children in the home. Generally, men are expected to perform a dominant role in the household, as the "head of the household." In practice, though, many couples participate equally in domestic decision-making. Men and women can each perform all domestic tasks, yet most of the burden of domestic labor rests with women. Wife-battering and marital rape are rare in Ifugao, although there have been cases of each. Historically, if a couple wished to divorce, either a man or a woman could initiate the divorce, and a baki ritual would be performed for this event (Barton, 1919/1969). Divorces were common and easy, and a divorced couple could remarry, but not marry their original spouse (Barton, 1919/1969). With the domination of Catholicism in much of Philippine national law, divorce is currently illegal, restricting Ifugao spouses from legally divorcing. Instead, given the historical acceptance of divorce, a couple may separate, initiated by either the husband or wife, and enter a new committed relationship that resembles a marital relationship. A couple is not required to meet specific standards of reasons for separation today, but historically there were approximately 22 justifications for divorce (Barton, 1930/1978). Children usually remain with their mother upon a couple's separation, although this is not a strict rule. Historically, women had the right to keep the couple's children after divorce, though the husband could raise one or more of their children through a special agreement (Barton, 1919/1969).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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