Husband Wife Relationship

The relationship between husband and wife among first-generation Taiwanese Americans is often characterized by their efforts to keep the family together and the joint goal of providing their children with the best possible educational opportunities. Life in the United States has exposed many couples to a more egalitarian partnership. The combination of Taiwanese and American child rearing practices has introduced opportunities to make the tasks of mothers and father more interchangeable.

Marriage partners who stay and live together in the United States often spend a lot of time with each other, especially when the children are older and parents have more time for recreational activities and social engagement. Couples who have become estranged over long periods of time due to the husband's employment in East Asia are sometimes able to rekindle affection for one another in old age, when the husband returns more frequently to the United States.

In case of divorce, the wife usually continues to live in the United States and the children stay with her. This practice differs from regulations in Taiwan, where children of divorced parents tend to live with their father.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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