Husband Wife Relationship

Two ideologies of marriage are present among Uzbeks: companionate marriage for love, a relatively newer value, and propagational marriage for building family and community through children. The two do not necessarily conflict, but ideas about the husband-wife relationship vary. Some couples regard each other as close companions and choose to spend time together. In other cases, spouses see each other primarily as the parent of their children, while their most important relationships are with relatives or friends of their own sex. Failure to produce children is generally blamed on women, and can lead to divorce. In Uzbekistan men and women can initiate divorce through the state legal system, but divorce meets with heavy social disapproval and sometimes faces obstruction by local officials.

Men may choose polygynous unions, while the woman or girl involved is pressured into the marriage, although occasionally women willingly enter such marriages. Cowives often live in separate residences. A second or third marriage is not legally recognized by the state in Uzbekistan; it is a nikoh, contract or Islamic marriage performed by a mullah. Divorce from a polygynous marriage is also not recognized by the state, and legal protections do not apply.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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