Husband Wife Relationship

The husband-wife relationship is similar to the traditional Western model. Husbands and wives eat together and sleep together (though the sleeping arrangements are slightly separated; double beds are typically made of two single mattresses rather than one large mattress, and each person has their individual blanket and pillow). Cooking, cleaning, and other housework are typically done by women. Most Czech men do not contribute significantly to the housework.

The husband-wife relationship is ideally characterized by love, affection, and companionship; ideally also the husband is the primary breadwinner, has slightly more education than his wife, and is slightly older (typically, about 3 years older). Decision-making is shared to some degree, but men are expected to take some leadership in making decisions, especially decisions about money or other significant matters. Women, because of their presumed greater devotion to their families, often have a greater say than their husbands in regard to decisions about the welfare of the children or the household budget (Cermakova, 1995). Divorce is legal and common, and may be initiated by either partner. After divorce, children typically stay with their mother.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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