Husband Wife Relationship

The husband-wife relationship is based on a complementary division of tasks between a husband and a wife, common stewardship over the mystical substance they share with their offspring, and overall compatibility between them and the wife's extended co-resident kin. Either party may initiate divorce if dissatisfied. Divorce is particularly frequent after the death of a child. Children almost always remain with the mother after divorce, but there are exceptions when the man may take them back to his natal household. Husbands may choose to spend their time outside the home, particularly in the men's house, and there is wide latitude for how closely couples share common meals or time together. In general, couples marry freely and are expected to like each other, but one may observe a range of emotional involvement. Each person makes decisions regarding his or her own sphere of activity, and jointly when both must be present. This means that a woman and, if co-resident, her mother as well have quite a bit to say about the distribution of food, including fish and game, and the comforts available to a husband in his home. The term pro for W or and mied for H is used in reference to any sexual partner.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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