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Kilivila language distinguishes between three (in some accounts four) levels of possessive pronouns: (1) things closest to oneself (e.g., one's skin or one's child) are placed in the first level; (2) things which do not have such a close connection to oneself (e.g., one's cough or one's work) are placed in the second level; (3) things one owns (e.g., one's bushknife or one's canoe) are placed in the third level. Surprisingly, one's marriage partner ranges in the third rather distant category. This can be at least partly explained by the Trobriand concept that one's wife or husband is by definition (albeit, in some rare cases of clan incest, not in practice) a person from another clan; the relationship is a functional one, serving for joint reproduction of offspring and production of food and wealth. This view of two parties, as it were, joining for a limited time is also apparent in the mortuary rites. Despite this categorically very functional definition and classification of one's marriage partner, there is often a close and deep bond between couples. Extramarital affairs, forbidden by traditional law, are quite frequent, and divorce, which is legally easy but emotionally often a very disturbing event, is one consequence.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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