Husband Wife Relationship

Christian missionaries valued and fostered the husband-wife relationship. In Samoa, one's primary bond is to one's extended family. Blood, Samoans believe, is forever; sexual relationships may not be so. While the sister, in theory, outranks the brother, the husband outranks the wife and has authority over her. The couple will reside with either the husband's or the wife's kin, depending on where their opportunities for land and titles are greatest. Given how broadly kinship is calculated, this is typically a large number of people, often residing in different villages. The husband's authority over the wife is stronger if the couple resides with the husband's family. Even then, however, should he mistreat her, she can return to her kin. In pre-Christian times, divorce was simply a matter of the person who was living with the kin of his/her spouse returning to his/her own family. Today couples often have their own house on family land, thereby affecting a pattern closer to the nuclear family model.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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