Husband Wife Relationship

The husband-wife relationship depends on many individual factors: the acceptance of the (external) husband in the house of his father-in-law and in the village, personal ideas about love, and the sexuality of the couple.

Harmonious marriages seemed to be relatively common, but it is judged foolish to show love and affection openly. Despite the strict gender division of labor, spouses do spend a great deal time together, taking baths together, or visiting the gardens (places where couples can have some private conversation as well as sexual relations). A couple's hammock positions and the taking of meals (together or separated) reveal the conditions of their relationship. "When enraged at her husband, a wife may take a machete and cut down her husband's hammock..." (Gregor, 1985, p. 28). Various young men complained and planned separation, although one of them already had offspring.

Only newly married couples may express their affection openly and sleep together in a large hammock (Gregor, 1985, pp. 26-27). Although there seems to be no need for conjugal fidelity, marriage is the basis of an important economic unity and a bond to assure social status and the ability to participate in public ceremony. A single person is a source of disturbance to the system of reciprocal dependency. The situation for bachelors and widows may become difficult with increasing age if they do not succeed in finding new partners.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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