Husband Wife Relationship

In general, Glebo hold high romantic ideals for marriage, although they acknowledge that these are often not met. Managing a large harmonious household, especially a polygynous one, is recognized as requiring luck, wisdom, and a good sense of humor on the part of all. Family etiquette holds that a woman should serve her husband his portion in separate dishes at mealtimes; a loving relationship is signaled by his asking her to join her portion with his so that they can eat together. A couple make their relationship visible to the community by eating together outside the house in full view of passers-by. Women also cite a man's willingness to "show me the pay slip" if he is employed in the wage sector as a sign of his love and devotion. Men are expected to provide the physical structure of a house and to pay rent if necessary, but their other income is for use at their own discretion. Therefore divulging the full amount to a wife when they are not required to do so is an indication of trust.

Polygynous households are said to work best if each wife has her own separate kitchen and bedroom. They can then take turns cooking for the husband on different days of the week and he can "visit" them in privacy. Husbands are advised that they should avoid favoritism and treat multiple wives with absolute equality, especially when buying them gifts. A group of three women wearing suits of identical cloth was once pointed out to me as an example of an especially well-run household, in which the women signaled their solidarity by wearing their husbands' gift at the same time. Friendly relations among cowives can backfire on a man, however, if they "gang up" to sanction him by withholding food or sex.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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