Husband Wife Relationship

Although arranged, marriages are often happy. Even if newlyweds are at first not much inclined to like one another, they may come to do so in time. Couples live together (although they eat the evening meal apart since men are off at the kava-drinking ground) and nuclear families are the main productive unit; husbands and wives must cooperate in gardens, in other economic endeavors, and in child rearing. Even when spouses are at odds, the marriage remains viable as long as each performs his or her domestic duties. Men and women mainly socialize in same-sex groups, and unhappy husbands and wives can avoid one another much of the time.

Divorce is difficult, but if a husband or wife is determined to leave a marriage either may do so. Families must then convene and renegotiate sister-exchange. A brother may promise a daughter to replace a divorcing sister. Divorced women may keep younger children with them, but these children belong to the family that provided their personal names—most often that of their father.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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