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The Nahuat of the sierra norte de Puebla mention gender interdependence as a major reason for marriage. When widows and widowers grieve over the loss of a spouse, they frequently anguish over how they will cope by living alone in the future. The Nahuat place a high value on monogamy and sexual fidelity for the man as well as for the woman. Adultery is considered a serious form of tahtacol (sin), and sex with a ritual coparent of marriage and baptism is particularly heinous. Married couples sleep on separate mats in the domicile, and they rarely show affection in public. Married couples never hold hands, kiss, or embrace each other in front of others. However, some men and women reveal their deep love with a kind gesture and by looking deeply into each other's eyes. Some show their affection by addressing each other as nocihuapil (my daughter) and nooquichpil (my son). To be sure, some marriages are filled with frustration, betrayal, anger, and violence. However, the Nahuat tell many stories warning men against behaving with Wlihuiz with women. First marriages are unstable, and separating couples do not always file divorce papers in the sierra norte de Puebla before remarrying two or three times before settling down in a permanent relationship. The woman or the man may initiate a divorce, and the children usually go with the mother.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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