Infanticide and Neglect

There are also more traditional causes for unbalanced sex ratios: female-selective infanticide and fatal neglect, as Miller (1987) has reported for rural North India (for an evolutionary view of these customs see Ball & Panter-Brick, 2001; Hausfater & Hrdy, 1984; Hrdy, 1996; Lipson, 2001). An ethnographic example of pervasive female infanticide is provided by the Yanomamo of South America (Chagnon, 1977). A traditional society, noted for its "hostile devaluation of women" and its stress on warfare, the Yanomamo created a shortage of women (which in turn caused much armed hostility) largely through the practice of female infanticide. Since giving birth to a daughter was viewed as a wifely misdeed, for which the disappointed husband might inflict a severe beating, mothers of female neonates frequently opted for infanticide.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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