It seems obvious that gender and economic activity are interrelated; in every society human beings appear to associate some activities with women and others with men. In addition, what constitutes an "economic activity" is open to argument. Are all productive activities economic? Are only activities that enter the commercial realm economic?

Economic activity can of course encompass all of that work that supplies people with food and shelter, that is, the work that meets their basic needs. It also includes the activities of exchange and trade, and of consumption. Certainly, there is much written on people's commercial production—that most easily defined as "economic activities". Ethnographies have explored Kuna women's commercial production of mola, traditional appliqud textile panels now sold to tourists (Tice, 1995), the economic specialization of men and women in the embroidery industry of Lucknow, India (Wilkinson-Weber, 1999), the interrelationship of class and gender in the weaving industry of Oaxaca, Mexico (Stephen, 1992), and women's specialization in the pottery industry of La Chamba, Colombia (Duncan, 2000). Collections of similar topics are also popular and timely, with a number focusing again on commercial craft production (Nash, 1993; Grimes & Milgram, 2001) but others exploring marketing as well (Seligmann, 2001; Sheldon, 1996). What ties all these recent works together is the theme of commercial production in the cash economy, but of course economic activities go well beyond this, and are part and parcel of domestic life as well.

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