We might define "homosexuality" simply as sexual relationships between people of the same sex. Yet behind this simple definition lie many different phenomena. People vary tremendously in their same-sex behaviors, in their sexual desires, and in the ways they define themselves. Cultures also differ widely in the ways they define and treat these relationships and the people who engage in them.

Our knowledge has grown tremendously in recent years. But for several reasons, this literature has dealt mostly with male homosexuality. Written reports have come mostly from men, who may not have cared about or been fully aware of what women do. Also, women's sexuality has usually been restricted to a more limited private sphere of acquaintances that is less visible, or considered less important. Finally, female sexuality may be more difficult to distinguish from "affection," or may, in fact, be less common than male homosexuality. Although parallels and contrasts with male homosexuality may be drawn, readers should be aware of the disparity in available information.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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