In every society at war, women workers help to sustain the war effort. Most of this work is unpaid, and largely unmeasured. The armies of 20th-century total war depended on women in new ways, not only within the army but in the civilian work force (and in addition to the ongoing responsibilities of women for domestic, reproductive, and sexual work). Both Britain and the United States mobilized millions of women into the workplace. Such new gender arrangements boost the war effort, but are typically cast as temporary (Goldstein, 2001, pp. 380-396).

Women face additional economic hardship in wartime. For example, Mae women in New Guinea "detest" wars because they fear "being left to bring up children relatively unaided . . In addition, . they have to bear even more of the burden of food production . in exposed gardens" (Meggitt, 1977, p. 99).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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