Leadership in Public Arenas

Bamileke chiefdoms are highly stratified, with sacred chiefs and queen mothers at the apex, followed by various levels of title-holding nobility, royal retainers, and commoners. Although the queen mother and councils of title-holding women had some rights and responsibilities to counsel the (male) chief during the precolonial era, Bamileke women have gradually lost their political rights and duties. Most title-holding nobility and royal retainers are men. The most important of these are the nkam be'e, or council of the nine highest nobles, who are responsible for the investiture of new chiefs. Men have more, and increasingly more, authority in the public arena than women. In the national context, Bamileke men have easier and greater access to state bureaucracies, and thus to credit and markets, than women.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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