Leadership in Public Arenas

In mundane affairs, women and men participated fairly equally, with women being involved in decision-making that affected the band; for example, when and where to move next, what food to gather and where, etc. There were no chiefs or councils, so informal discussions between all those present at any given time were the norm, and women's opinions counted in such contexts. However, decisions connected with the religious life are made by men, though sometimes in consultation with ritually senior women, since much activity (e.g., the ritual feasting that was integral to most major ritual complexes) concern both genders in cooperative endeavor, but with the men in control. Senior men schedule the timing and sequencing of "big meetings" and their programs, so, if women plan on performing their own rituals, these must fit in with the requirements of the main schedule of events. Older men seemed to enjoy "bossing" women in the context of religious activities, and women generally accepted these enactments of men's political superiority without visible reaction. Men also organize and run public meetings, during which their voices are also more commonly heard. However, women are free to comment and add their voices to discussion and debate, and if, as protagonists, they are reticent men might urge them to speak up. Today, there are elected community councils, and women are regularly among those elected, though they are less active than men in this level of community politics.

Traditionally, women did not initiate or engage in revenge expeditions or ritual killings and were not considered to be sorcery practitioners, though they could be victims of such aggressive acts and could obtain the services of sorcerers. In matters of authority more generally, both men and women consider themselves to be "under the Law" of the Dreaming and therefore subservient to the dictates of the creative beings who founded and structured their society and its norms and laws. It is clear, however, that men have a greater responsibility than women for the maintenance of this heritage, since they control its secret-sacred enabling core.

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