Leadership in Public Arenas

Since 1962, women in Puerto Rico have graduated from college in higher numbers than men and at the same time have increased their participation in the traditionally male dominated disciplines (Confresí, 1999). In the last three decades women have played an important role in Puerto Rican public and academic life. Women have been steadily gaining acceptance in leadership roles and have taken on political power. Through the 20th century, women have held prominent places in the Commonwealth's Supreme Court, as well as being elected as leaders. Felisa Rincón de Gautier was mayor of San Juan from 1946 to 1968 and Sila Calderón is San Juan's current mayor. By the 1980s 17 women had served as elected members of the Senate and 13 in the House of Representatives in Puerto Rico (Votaw, 1995).

There have been women in prominent leadership positions throughout the island in medicine, law, and education, as well as in politics. Ana Roqué de Duprey was an early feminist who with other Puerto Rican women suffragettes pressed for women's right to vote, which Puerto Rican women exercised for the first time in 1936. Women also excelled throughout the century in the education field with notable women such as Carmen Gomez Tejera and Antonia Pantoja. Moreover, the high rates of education among Puerto Rican women also produced outstanding literary figures, such as Julia de Burgos who in her writings challenged other women to question the social constraints on women. She also was a strong political supporter of independence from the United States. Although Puerto Rican women are found in leadership positions across Puerto Rican society, female representation is not proportional to their numbers in the society. The number of women in leadership positions is significantly less than that of men. Despite the increased educational, professional, and political participation, there is a paucity of research documenting current gender-role expectations for professional Puerto Rican women.

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