Leadership in Public Arenas

Public leadership is dominated by men. Elected authorities are male, and it is almost exclusively men who vote. This is probably due to Spanish/Mexican influence, as the positions of governance in Christianized communities are modeled after early colonial political organization (consisting of a hierarchy of governor, lieutenant, general, captain, mayor, soldiers, and tenanches). In some communities with more contact with mainstream Mexico, women are elected to leadership positions. Historically, Tarahumara women have limited their interaction with non-Tarahumara, probably because of threats of sexual violence, thus predominantly restricting their political influence to the private sphere, where their opinions and ideas are respected as equal to those of men. Widows and other single women do exercise their voting rights in order to receive the benefits due to ejido community members. Tarahumara men are increasingly involved in indigenous rights movements in Mexico as representatives from particular communities (there is as yet no pan-Tarahumara political representation structure in place).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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