Leadership in Public Arenas

The distinction between public and private is based upon the model of the person as an individual. Public is that arena in which individuals have professional relations with others; private is that arena where they have personal relations. Samoans see people as role players in groups rather than individuals; prior to missionization, they did not make a strong public-private distinction. Village life was public, but was divided into a formal ceremonial sphere and an informal entertainment sphere. For the most part, men were leaders in the ceremonial sphere and women in the entertainment sphere. The missionaries who Christianized Samoa came from 19th century British society, where there was a public-private split corresponding to male and female roles. Men dominated public life; upper- and middle-class women were confined to private life. After Christianization, Samoan women abdicated some entertainment roles, but not their role in village governance. There is a fono of male chiefs but also a council of chief's wives (faletua ma tausi). Today most politicians and other civic leaders are men, but women are increasingly prominent as heads of government agencies and as school principles and presidents.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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