Leadership in Public Arenas

Leadership, like nearly every element of Mehinako life, is confined to separate gender groups, but exists equally for both of them: each group has its own leader. However, the official part of political leadership is clearly dominated by men. At first sight, the leadership of women seems more for fulfillment of the needs of symmetry than comprising real authority. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned here, because little attention has been paid to this symmetrical structure and because the status of the male political leader is not as "formal" as it would seem to the Western spectator. Influence and authority, although it is passed from father to son, is not completely due to heritage. It always depends on negotiations and decisions taken at the men's house. The role of the male leader is played out in nearly every ritual, whereas the female leader's role seems to be confined to women's rituals like yamarikuma. Even in the girl's initiation ritual kaxatapa (akajatapa), men play the dramatically significant roles (Gregor, 1985, p. 111). The role of women in the Upper Xingu villages has generally been underestimated, and until today there has been little fieldwork relating to female ritual and musical traditions.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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