Leadership in Public Arenas

Women are excluded from the most important spheres of social power and knowledge. The Church is the central institution in the community, and it is organized around an exclusive male leadership that justifies as natural female inferiority and the male's right to assert their opinion. In some communities women form associations that celebrate female autonomy and female interdependence (Bennion, 1998, p. 129). In the Allred groups in Salt Lake and Montana, as well as in the Le Baron community in Mexico, there are women's prayer circles where women meet to pray for one another's requests. Other all-female meetings also take place during Sunday school, the Sacrament Relief Society, and morning community prayer (Bennion, 1998, p. 10). These associations are absent in the Colorado City-Centennial Park communities which tend to be more adamant in applying patriarchical axioms to ordinary life. In every polygynous community pain, suffering, and pioneer struggles are constant themes that are told and retold to heighten motivation and uphold commitment to the religion.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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