Leadership in Public Arenas

During the past 10 years of national independence, women's leadership in Kyrgyzstan has declined in the public arenas, in part because the quotas for women in government ended with the Soviet era. Since then, women have found that the most viable opportunities for them are found in newly formed nongovernmental organizations, where they have proven to be extremely active. Nevertheless, it is useful to consider that, among the Kyrgyz, there is a mythology or a belief system that the Kyrgyz were once a matriarchal tribe, and that women were expected to be good warriors, fine horseback riders, and excellent statesmen. In this light, Kyrgyz women are sometimes a part of local government institutions, such as village councils (aiyl okmotu), but these women tend to be older and have garnered a great deal of respect in the village community.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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