Leadership in Public Arenas

The public-private distinction was imposed on Abaluyia (and other Africans) through the processes of colonialism and capitalism and the "gospel of domesticity" of

Christian missionaries, resulting in greater male salience in many spheres, women's increased workloads, and loss of indigenous mechanisms to protect women's interests. In contemporary Buluyia, leadership in public arenas is almost entirely by men; most politicians, government administrators, and church and clan leaders are men. Women do have leadership roles as teachers, school heads, and community health workers, in church groups and religious orders, and in women's self-help and cooperative work groups. Women also have roles in their own clans (e.g., in funeral rituals) and participate in clan discussions about important matters such as marriage. While women, especially older women, are outspoken in their opinions, they are likely to let males make final decisions, thus maintaining a deferential attitude and saving face for men.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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