Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Men of all ages have a fair amount of leisure time, but until women reach old age, most have little time to relax. Men spend much of their leisure time socializing with other men, discussing politics, listening to the radio, and drinking. Women socialize mostly with other women, often in a work context; their conversations revolve around their activities and the people in their lives. Older women, with fewer home duties, may use their leisure time for community-oriented activities such as serving on school committees, participating in prayer and dance groups, and being community health workers. Children, often in mixed groups, enjoy storytelling, singing, and playing a great variety of games. Boys love to play soccer. Groups of youths, single-sex and mixed, stroll about, conversing; they also like to attend dances. Watching television (as people acquire television sets and run them off car batteries) is growing in popularity and opens a window on different worlds, including programs from England and the United States.

Luyia arts consist primarily of the making of utilitarian objects such as tools, baskets, clay pots, and four-legged stools. This is not art as self-expression, but functional art to produce familiar objects for practical, economic, symbolic, and ritual purposes. Traditional body decorations (jewelry and scarification) and modern-day plaited hair and women's jewelry, the occasional house wall painted with floral designs, and the use of flowers as house decorations are viewed as maridadi, esthetically pleasing or beautiful. Men and women have their own artisanal specialties, though their products must compete with imported goods such as aluminum cooking pots and plastic containers that have reduced the desirability of clay pots.

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Soccer Fitness 101

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