Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Hopis rarely relax without busying their hands with some handicraft or small repair task. Most leisure time, in fact most time when not eating, sleeping, or doing some other home-based activity, is spent with members of one's own sex. Women, usually relatives and neighbors, gather in someone's home, while men go to their kiva for companionship. Women's closest friends tend to be sisters and other relatives, while men's friends are more likely to include unrelated men whom they know from their adolescence and meet in the kiva. These times with companions, for both sexes, are opportunities to gossip and to discuss village matters. Men acknowledge that there is a lot of joking and teasing in the kivas, particularly about sexual matters ("private wives," "hunting for two-legged deer," etc.). This joking is a kind of verbal horseplay, each trying to outdo the other with veiled allusions to transgressions of the other or the other's female relatives. No one takes this seriously, including the women who have been so accused, and this joking competitiveness enlivens the time in the kiva and provides a respite from the obligations that the Hopis bear.

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