Leisure Recreation and the Arts

In rural areas single and married men have more leisure time than women. They either spend this time with friends and male kin in family gardens, where they are served food and drink by the women of the household, or at the village social club playing chess, checkers, dominos, or backgammon. In rural areas women spend what little leisure time they have catching up on secondary chores (e.g., sewing, knitting) or, if they are relatively well off, watching television, drinking coffee, and gossiping with neighbors. In urban areas, men also have more leisure time than women because they do not have the double burden. Urban men, depending on their socioeconomic status, spend time at friends' homes, cafés, or restaurants eating, drinking, and networking. Older men, or men who cannot afford cafés or restaurants, spend their time in public parks reading newspapers, playing dominos or chess, or discussing politics. In the home, men spend their leisure time watching television (news or sports events) or playing cards, dominos, or backgammon with their sons and male neighbors or friends. Urban married and single women spend their leisure time drinking coffee and gossiping with female friends and neighbors in their homes. Increasingly, however, single women are beginning to spend their leisure time at cafés with their girlfriends. During weekends families spend time on country outings or visiting relatives. On weekends and weekday evenings married urban couples also visit each other and spend time playing cards, drinking wine, vodka, or cognac, and discussing politics, arts, and culture.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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