Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Nahuat men and women in the sierra norte de Puebla spend most of what little "free time" they have in their homes with their families. On ritual occasions—baptism, cihuataliz, marriage, mayordomia celebrations—men and women tend to segregate, with women gathering in large groups preparing the ceremonial meal and men butchering pigs, preparing adornments, and setting up the giant cauldron to cook tamales. Some men drink refino in cantinas, much to the chagrin of their wives. A few men devote a great deal of time to performing and practicing in dance groups to express their religious devotion. The dance groups include the flying-pole dancers or voladores (cuauhpatanini) who represent birds descending from the sun to fertilize the earth (Graulich, 1999, pp. 417-418). Men and women become oral narrators of myths, legends, and folktales, although they tend to tell their stories in groups segregated by gender.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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