Leisure Recreation and the Arts

When asked about their daily work, Mehinako women assured us that they really work hard and that men also work hard. They did not understand the question: "Which sex worked harder." Perhaps the symmetrical gender structure inhibits comparison of the two separate contributions that are honored equally and are so intimately linked together. In their leisure time, both men and women engage in gender-specific handicrafts or they may lie in their hammocks for a while to rest. Couples converse together and go to take a bath; single people play with their friends in gender- and age-related groups or try to make arrangements with their lovers (see below). In the afternoon the young men play football at the central plaza. In the evenings the men gather in front of the men's house. The younger generation—men, women, and children—like to watch television (see below).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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