Leisure Recreation and the Arts

What leisure time there is, is spent in playing the nose flute (primarily women), the native guitar (boys and men), and gongs (men), and in extensive linguistic games that include riddling, turning phrases backwards, competitive poetry, etc. There is very little leisure time during daylight hours, and even in the evening many household tasks such as husking rice, etc. are carried on with only the light of a very small oil lamp.

During the harvest there are drinking parties for those involved. After the harvest there are marriages, death ceremonies, and other sacrifices to which friends and relatives are invited and where there is drinking, as well as dancing and gong playing. During this period young men go visiting to other villages to look for potential wives and to socialize. The major art forms are linguistic play, including the telling of myths and legends, dancing and gonging, and the women's weaving.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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