Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Na report, and observation confirms, that Na women work more than men. The management of the household and farm, and care of children, while shared in by all members of a Na household, are more women's responsibility than men's, and women contribute more labor than men to the household. As a result, men have more leisure time than women, and young men are more likely to pursue leisure activities outside the household, and to spend money on them.

Na report that in the past during holidays they most enjoyed games and visiting during the day, and singing and dancing in large groups during the evening. However, card-playing and gambling have become prominent activities as well. Celebrations at a household will involve food and drink, and evening activities of community circle dancing and solo singing performance in the courtyard. For those communities with electricity (and even some without borrow generators), karaoke and Chinese videos have been added to party activities as well as showing Chinese videos.

For those with electricity and access to television, watching television is the most common evening leisure activity. Men and women of a household watch television together, and often neighbors visit and join in. Videos, shown in cinemas, are also a source of entertainment. Some young people enjoy travel and groups will form for local walking trips to visit friends and relatives in other Na villages. Young Na are sometimes now traveling to other areas of the province as tourists, and some take work outside the area in part for the adventure of seeing new places.

The sexes often segregate in single-sex groups that form for labor or leisure activities. However, during the leisure activities, the groups often come together. So, for example, a group of young women may go to the cinema where there are other groups of young women as well as groups of young men. Na involvement in these types of activities diminishes during their twenties.

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