Leisure Recreation and the Arts

As with many areas of Yuquiculture, artistic expression was very limited. Body painting was practiced, but apparently not for any form of artistic expression. The Yuqui painted their bodies with a red plant colorant erucu (Bixa orellana), which they believed made them invisible to jaguars and snakes. They also painted themselves with Genipa dye (Genipa americana), called dija in Yuqui a fruit juice which after applied, turns a dark, virtually indelible, blue-black color. The fruit is also consumed when ripe. Genipa dye, because of its dark color, was believed by the Yuquito make them invisible to their enemies. Neither of these colorants was applied in such a way as to imply a decorative purpose; rather, both were simply smeared over the body and limbs in a somewhat haphazard manner. Genipa was also believed to have some curative properties and was often applied to wounds or abrasions.

The Yuqui remain very fond of the color red, and given the choice, will always select clothing or other articles of adornment that are red.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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