Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Gender segregation is practiced during most leisure-time activities. In rural areas, it is common for men and boys to engage in sports, while women gather with other women and girls, mainly kin. Religious or lay festivals are the most common forms of sociability and enjoyment for women. They are almost the only form of entertainment permitted to women beside watching television and listening to the radio (Marroni de Velazquez, 1994). Participation in these events is governed by the rules of gender separation—women decorate the church and provide the costumes and food, while men provide music and drinks and make speeches (Marroni de Velazquez, 1994). Both male and female teenagers enjoy commercial dances and private fiestas (e.g., the celebration of a fiesta de quinceanos). Normally, unmarried children stay with their families or other kin and only interact with nonrelated girls while dancing.

Men often like to spend their leisure time with their cuates, their drinking buddies (Gutmann, 1996, p. 177; Lomnitz, 1977, p. 175), in a cantina, preferably a males-only bar. Drinking with cuates within the house is almost never tolerated by wives or mothers.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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