Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Adults, whether men or women, have little leisure time. However, each does have greater and lesser periods of intensity in the work schedule. The most demanding work can provide an opportunity for "recreation." When women prepare flour, for example, many women work together for long hours. When gardens are cut the whole village works together and creates a festive occasion with drinking and joking. Fish poisoning, in the low-water season, is an occasion for festive communal work. On a daily basis, men who are not out fishing or setting traps may weave mats or baskets, play with young children, or converse with other villagers. Early evenings are generally times for relaxation. At these times, people gather in the cleared plaza at the center of the village, joking and quietly talking. During these gatherings the sexes, ordinarily segregated in their work chores, are now brought together.

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