Leisure Recreation and the Arts

The mixture of cultural traditions has influenced the cultural arts of Puerto Rico, like many of the other aspects of Puerto Rican society. The musical traditions of Puerto Ricans are rich and varied. Bomba y plena, salsa, danza, Latin jazz, Latin rock, and hip-hop are just a few examples of the music styles found throughout the Island. Male composers and male musicians and performers dominate these traditions, but there are notable female entertainers. Many traditional music types are composed by males and possess references to females that may be seen as sexist (Aparicio, 1998). There is more equal representation of females as actors; however, there needs to be further research in terms of their representation and career trajectory compared with males. Television, radio, cinema, newspapers, and novelas (soap operas) have also reinforced the attitudes and prejudice as well as stereotypes of women (Acosta-Belén, 1986). There are many types of artistic tradition in Puerto Rico, including traditional Puerto Rican crafts such as making Santos (carved wooden saints). As with other areas of the arts, males have had a more predominant role.

Female participation in sports has increased in Puerto Rico as it has in other countries. However, males have a strong predominance in sports, both professionally and for leisure. Participation in sports by Puerto Rican women is not as socially supported or as popular as it is in the United States and other countries. Of course, in most cases professional sports are segregated, and men earn more and obtain greater social popularity and support than women in sports.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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