Leisure Recreation and the Arts

Women and men both work very hard. Time spent in subsistence and income-generating activities changes seasonally and monthly with the tides and weather. Btsisi' who fish and collect animals in the mangrove and on the strand schedule their activity to the tides, leaving in their boats before the tide ebbs and returning with its rise. This might require a 3 a.m. departure.

Leisure time varies depending upon the developmental cycle of the household and people's livelihoods. Women with young children have substantially less leisure time than their husbands, but if women have the help of older children, especially daughters, they have more time to spend working or socializing and resting. Evidence indicates people who work as oil palm harvesters rather than fishing, have more leisure time. However, people who fish have greater flexibility to take a day off if tired.

When men socialize they are more likely to go off to the local toddy house and have a few drinks with their friends. Women also go, but usually not without their husbands. When women go to the shop on their own, they typically buy what they need and then return home, whereas when men go to the store they will linger, talking with friends and relatives.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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